Hebrew 102

Hebrew 102

2nd Qtr. Final Exam – Available Now

Send an audio of yourself reading Genesis 1:1-5. All work must be sent to the following emails:

Syllabus – 2nd Quarter

Class Description: We will spend the majority of the Hebrew 102 reading the first chapter of Genesis from which we will build vocabulary and explore the way words are constructed.

  • Vocabulary for Gen 1:1 and the suffixes attached to God
  • Vocabulary for Gen 1:2 exploring the word “to be” היה
  • Vocabulary of Gen 1:3 more on PRONOUN SUFFIXES
  • Review
  • Vocabulary for Gen 1:4
  • Vocabulary for Gen 1:5
  • Review
  • Vocabulary for Gen 1:6, exploring Hebrew prefixes
  • Review

Required Research Tools:
Strong’s Concordance or Computer Bible Program

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