New Testament Survey

New Testament Survey

1st Qtr. Final Exam – Due Monday, 11/12/18

Please download the final here.  All work must be sent to the following emails by the 12th of November:

Syllabus – 1st Quarter

Introduction:  This is the blood of the New Testament

Historical Context
Hasmonean dynasty from the Maccabees; Herodian Dynasty from Roman Rule
The school of Ezra and the Pharisees; the aristocratic Sadducees; the Essenes; and the Zealots

  • Sequential Events in the life of Jesus
  • The Virgin Birth
  • Jesus’s life and ministry
  • The crucifixion; Roman governors

The promise of the Father and the book of Acts

Letters of Paul


Letters of Peter, James, and Jude

Letters of John


1st Quarter Class Times

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